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  • What communication protocol does the Touch Encoder use?
    Depending on the product you purchased, Touch Encoder SDK: communicates both via USB 2.0 AND CANbus J1939 Touch Encoder Component: communicates either via USB 2.0 ORCANbus J1939
  • How can I program the Touch Encoder?
    The Touch Encoder SDK box comes with a red programming cable that allows you to connect the base unit (Raspberry Pi inside) to a USB flash drive. As for the Touch Encoder Component, we have a 3-connector programming harness that links the product to power and a USB flash drive. The accessory (P/N: T18908) can be purchased separately through our distributors. NOTE: used for programming only.
  • What's the power rating on the Touch Encoder?
    Touch Encoder Component can handle up to 18 VDC whereas Touch Encoder SDK can handle up to 5.25 VDC.
  • What's the minimum iOS requirement for the Grayhill app?
    The Grayhill app operates on an iPad with iOS 11 or higher installed on the device
  • How do you import an existing project from the Grayhill app to the new GH TE-MX app?
    Open Grayhill Application on iPad Go to projects page Tap the “Projects” title in top center of screen rapidly 5-10 times The screen will flash and the word “Import” will show on left hand side. The flashed screen indicates sharing mode is enabled Open up project On the top right hand side of the screen is the word “Share” Tap the “Share” button Write down or copy the 8 digit number displayed in the message box Open GH TE-MX Application on iPad Repeat steps 2-4 On projects page tap the word Import Write down or past the 8 digit number into the message box The project will appear in the projects page
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